Mac Pro Rackmount panel (EN)

The Mac Pro Rackmount Panel features a modular design to connect all necessary devices into a 19” server rack mount environment. With optionally internal and external hardware modules the Mac Pro Rackmount Panel guarantees the greatest possible flexibility on the market. The Mac Pro Rackmount Panel is available with either one or two computer mounts preinstalled.

Following the Apple usage guidelines for horizontally mounts of the computer and standard temperature conditions in a server rack environment the Mac Pro Rackmount Panel enable unrestricted airflow trough the Mac Pro. Within a transportable rack application and operations under different temperature conditions the Mac Pro Rackmount Panel even provides active cooling support.

The panel features one internal 7-port active USB hub for each Mac Pro, powering all USB outputs to maximum level according to USB standards. The internal USB connector e.g. provides a safe place for copy protection dongles (thus effectively works as a theft protection for the precious dongle), Dual link Mini Display Port Adapter USB connectors to connect Ultra Wide HD Displays.

An optional 4– or 8– port active DI-Box convert consumer 3.5mm phone jack connected audio signal of the Mac Pro to professional audio industry standard balanced XLR connectors.

Back panel mount USB 2.0 USBCon, two EtherCon CAT5e and one front panel mount USB 3.0 port for each Mac Pro connect ports of each Mac Pro for convenient external connections.

Due to not any existing panel mount connectors for Thunderbolt, the split cable entry frames allows inserting of several cables up to 17 mm diameter each and strain relief for each cable, like Thunderbolt or active Mini Display Port Adapters.

PowerCon input and output connectors for electrical power supply and link to other devices.

The mounting module hold the Mac Pro firmly in place without marring the mirror finish and includes Thunderbolt cable lock for all 6 connectors on a Mac Pro that secures Thunderbolt and MiniDisplay Port connectors plugged into the Mac Pro whilst transport. Telescopic slides allows easy and secure mounting in 19” racks.

The Mac Pro Rackmount Panel is the perfect solution for use in several rack applications.

With the additional available 19” Thunderbolt Expansion Hardware Panel for up to 6 PCI-express full length slots and 19” Server Panel range for different connectors, like Dual-link DVI, USB, 10Gb/s Ethernet ports the Mac Pro Rackmount Panel guarantees the greatest possible flexibility on the market .

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  • Neutrik PowerCon input connector on back panel
  • Neutrik PowerCon output connector on back panel
  • Active internal USB hub
  • USB 3.0 connector on front panel
  • Neutrik USB connectors on back panel
  • internal USB connectors for dongles (theft protection) and Dual link Mini Display Port Adapter USB connectors
  • USB cabling connecting to server computer
  • Neutrik etherCon connectors on back panel
  • Cat6 network cabling connecting to server computer
  • Power button with LED on front panel
  • 4– or 8-port active DI-Box for audio signals
  • Neutrik XLR 3pin connectors on back panel
  • 3.5mm phone jack connectors (in-/outputs) cabling to server computer
  • split cable entry frames for inserting cables up to 17 mm diameter


  • Auto-ranging power input: 100VAC to 240VAC
  • Mains input current at full load: 115VAC/230VAC – 16A Neutrik PowerCon
  • Mains input frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz
  • Operating temperature range: 10°C to +35°C
  • Maximum audio input and output voltage: 1.6V(RMS), +6.3dBu
  • Maximum audio input impedance: greater than 20kOhm
  • Maximum audio output impedance: 24Ohm
  • Signal-to-noise-ratio (SNR): greater than 90dB
  • Channel separation: greater than 80dB
  • Frequency response: from 20Hz to 20kHz, +0.5db/-3dB
  • Galvanically isolated and balanced audio in- and outputs
  • Industrial steel chassis designed for road purposes
  • 1 rack unit: 19“ wide/6.97“ high/13.8“ deep (483mm x 177mm x 350mm)

Mac Pro®, Apple®, and Macintosh® are registered trademarks of Apple Inc..

The Mac Pro Rackmount panel is intended for both rental/road and installation purposes.